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Alhambra Audioguide

Alhambra Audioguide, one of the best alternatives to travel without carrying large manuals or explanatory brochures of the places you are going to visit is to have an Audioguide. From Alhambra Audioguide, we offer you that and much more…

The Alhambra is the most important monument in Spain. For this reason you will be able to find multiple pages, blog, videos and even other App … that offer you information about the monument.

But you will not find anything like this App, change the traditional concept of Audioguide for that of an assistant who adapts to you and your needs and who will accompany you throughout the visit.

Enjoy a unique and innovative experience using this tool that has a great documentary and historical content that we put at your fingertips and that allows you to know the monument, both in real time and from the sofa at home.

The best content of the Alhambra

We tell you the history, the legends and the secrets of this monumental complex in a fun and entertaining way.

Alhambra Audioguide is an assistant that provides a guided itinerary with which you can comfortably tour the entire monumental complex at your own pace.

We offer great content that you can enjoy in different ways… through an interactive map, texts, images and high-quality audios that will help you get to know the Alhambra comfortably.

With your Alhambra Audioguide assistant you will enjoy a new experience, where you can visit the monument at your own pace, clearly locating the different rooms of the monumental complex and getting to know the most relevant historical events up close.

Alhambra Audioguide: INSTRUCTIONS 

Alhambra Audioguide is a fast, intuitive, interactive and innovative App that provides practical and updated information on the most visited monument in Spain. Navigation through this App is simple and the best alternative to the traditional audioguide.

Its technology has been developed adapting to the new habits of the visitor.

It has an easy and immersive interface that offers the visitor various navigability modes. To understand the characteristics and functionalities in a simple way, we recommend you watch the following video:

How does the Alhambra Audioguide work?

We explain you how the Alhambra Audioguide works.
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 Once the App is downloaded, four options will be displayed on the home screen:

  • In the INTRO section, an audio is offered in which general aspects of the monument are explained, as well as the main keys to make the visit.
  • In the AUDIOGUIDE section: you will see the different parts into which the Alhambra is divided, the time it takes to see the monument, listen to audios, see photos or read explanatory texts.
  • In the LANGUAGE section: you can choose your language (Spanish and English available, for now).
  • In the MAP section: you can navigate interactively around the monument by selecting the different points along the route. Once you have selected a room on the map, you will have the option to listen to the descriptive audio, see images of the space, as well as select detailed information.

The handling and functionality of the App is simple.

  • There are several ways to access the audios, from the listings or from the map. If you access the audios from the list you will be able to listen to them directly and advance from the player. When you select a section, you can see the detail with descriptive information, listen to the audio and also locate it on the map.

If you decide to navigate from the map, you will see that it changes color as a point is selected, as well as if you want to listen to its content. From the map and by clicking on the image you can access the detail that offers additional information.

If you wish, you can always return to the home screen.

How to get Alhambra Audioguide?

It is very simple.

Alhambra Audioguide is available for Android and iOS devices.

  • Android: go to the Play Store and search for “Audioguía Alhambra”, click on download. Then, you just have to make your purchase.
  • iOS: access the App Store and search for “Audioguía Alhambra”, press download and make your purchase, easily and simply.

Before concluding, we recommend that you visit our articles on what is the Alhambra, parts of the Alhambra, how to buy Alhambra ticketstypes of Alhambra tickets and much more…

What are you waiting to try it?

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